Air Duct Leakage Testing VA

Why Test?

Know your flow: Testing gives you the knowledge to determine ROI and payback period. Testing results also empowers a more concise scope of work when selecting a contractor to seal duct work or provide renovations and upgrades.

What the problem is? Testing can give you a quick and minimally invasive answer to challenging issues of Indoor Air Quality, Poor Thermal Comfort Distribution, Humidity problems, and Contaminant Air Saturation. It will help you determine whether it is a duct issue or the commonly ineffective “blanket solution” of newer, bigger equipment/ controls/ accessories.

Have to anyways: As new construction keeps evolving to meet energy conservation demands and owner expectations, there are several requirements in place and becoming more common-

            – ASHRAE 62.1, 62.2, and 90.1(proposed)

            – SMACNA HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test manual

            – Project Specifications

            – LEED, Earthcraft Home, and many other certifying organizations

How Is The Testing Done?

  1. Identify duct work to be tested and calculate SA

  2. Seal openings in duct system, or isolate specific section to be tested

  3. Pressurize duct work to specified level

  4. Measure flow required to maintain duct pressure

  5. Our patented computer software controls, monitors, and calculates testing and results 

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Consider the possiblity that your duct work most likely has leaks at all the joints and connections where it is put together, and you are losing money and clean, conditioned air every time your units turn on.

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