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Why is the Testing Done?

Know your flow: All duct systems leak, and testing gives you the ability to know exactly how much or how little of the duct work is leaking compared to your design. Testing results also provide an exact number and third party verification of your quality of work. If you are providing a Manual J design, why not provide independent verification that the duct work you installed is built to design tolerances? Current VA RBC requires new duct systems to be pressure tested and verified to not leak more than 4% (or a maximum 4 CFMs leakage per 100 sq ft). Some jurisdictions do require an even tighter system.

Have to Anyway: As new construction keeps evolving to meet energy conservation demands and owner expectations, there are several requirements in place and becoming more commonly enforced by local building officials prior to a mechanical permit inspection or CO.

 • Virginia Residential Building Code, Section R403.3 of the 2015 Virginia Energy Conservation Code (VECC)

 • Your local building official,  building safety department, or building permit office

– ASHRAE 62.1 and 62.2

– SMACNA HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test manual

– LEED, Earthcraft Home, Viridiant, and many other certifying organizations

HOW is The Testing Done?

  1. Identify the new duct system to be tested and calculate conditioned space square footage served by the system
  2. Seal openings in duct system, or isolate specific section to be tested
  3. Pressurize duct work to specified level (typically 25 Pa)
  4. Measure air flow required to maintain duct pressure
  5. Our patented computer software controls, monitors, and calculates testing and results
  6. Provide certificate of results to present to Owner, Contractor, and Building Official

WHEN is The Testing Done?

– When the duct system installed or Air Handling Unit is outside of the thermal envelope

– One test / certificate per system in the building

– Typically the testing is done after the air handling unit has been installed, after all duct work including boots have been installed, and prior to unit start-up

WHAT is The Testing?

Duct Leakage Testing goes by many names. Some people call it Duct Blaster Testing, Pressure Testing, or even Duct Blast Pressure Leakage Testing.  Very few people call it Duct Testing- we are in the business and we still aren’t sure what that is.

No matter what name you call it, we are here to guide you through the process, provide the testing service according to current Building Code, and if needed, coach you through how to make your next duct install even tighter and more efficient.

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Consider the possiblity that your duct work most likely has leaks at all the joints and connections where it is put together, and you are losing money and clean, conditioned air every time your units turn on.

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